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I want the pain. It’s how I learn. I was instrumental in the destruction of humanity, but at the same time I learned, because…because I fell in love…with a human man, and he was mortal and fallible. And he had this incredible pride in himself. He thought he knew everything there was to know. And I loved him, with my whole heart. And then one day, I realized I wouldn’t have him forever. I understood what I’d done. How I betrayed him and humanity. And that pain taught me to understand death. Baltar could die. And I loved him. Baltar’s heart was ephemeral. Baltar’s body was fragile in my hands.

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Painting: Edward HopperSolitary Figure in a Theater, 1902-04

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Religious experiences. Deep Web Tour 3/3/14, SD
The expression on my face says everything.



Experts told this artist her dream was impossible. It’s a good thing she didn’t listen.

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Photo by Jimmy Bui

We were gods.

We Went There: Childish Gambino'€™s Deep Web Tour | Grantland

Once the live celebration of Because the Internet wraps, the screen becomes a forest bonfire, initiating a breathless montage of Camp tracks and older cuts (“Freaks and Geeks,” the Adele-sampling “Do Ya Like,” “One Up,” from the criminally under-discussed Royalty.) Donald raps over tweaked or totally rearranged versions of the original beats, a move that always feels like a bold refusal to pander. After an extended session of murky freestyling paired with pleasant riffing from the band, the show’s over.

This show took my lack of enthusiasm to church, where I saw a universe inside me and accepted sanctification.

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Rocky Rocket puppy lovin’ inamorato/a


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wow.. that just depressed the fuck outta me

A gigantic little effort.

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Won’t Stop.